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Mississauga.com: Employee theft in Canadian businesses ‘is a pretty big deal’

The majority of crimes against businesses are committed by their own employees, according to a lead private investigator and former federal agent in the U.S.

Thomas Martin, president of Martin Investigative Services and author of the soon-to-be-released book, Seeing Life through Private Eyes: Secrets from America’s Top Investigator to Living Safer, Smarter, and Saner, said his company’s investigations show 75 per cent of workplaces with 100 employees or more are victimized by employee theft.

ABC News

ABC News: San Diego Police Bust Alleged Crime Ring’s $15K Toy and Legos Theft

An alleged crime ring was busted this week in connection with what police say was the theft of $15,000 worth of toy loot, mostly Legos. “Legos are like gold,” Thomas Martin, who runs a private investigative service in southern California, told ABC News today. “Every child wants them; they last forever and are passed down through generations.”

Fox Business

Fox Business: Retail’s Worst Enemy: Its Own Employees?

It may be the most wonderful time of year for retailers, but it’s also a good time for workers who want to steal from them.

Employee theft has been known to pick up during the holiday hustle and bustle – and with the labor market on the rocks and cash-strapped Americans bracing for the fiscal cliff, retailers across the country could see more of it this holiday season than ever.